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Rio de Janeiro Olympics formally closed by International Olympic Committee boss Bach

Athletes joined in on the main floor as fireworks lit up the sky to end the Rio Olympics closing ceremony. In fact, it is also down from Beijing 2008 too in a Games that has had plenty of Team USA gold medals but failed to gain traction on the previous Summer Olympics day after day.

But Sunday served up tough weather conditions for such a big party.

For a few weeks during every Olympics, we are elevated to the heights brought to us by the world's young people who express for us the idealism we once had, the innate desire in all of us for becoming more than we are, maybe more than we can be.

It was a Games where Brazil finally won gold in men's football before handing over the flag to Tokyo, the host of the next Olympics in 2020.

"These were and still are iconic Olympic Games in many respects. a Games in the middle of reality". Showing the opening and closing ceremonies on tape delay even though Brazil was just one hour ahead of the Eastern time zone didn't make much sense, either.

Gatlin also had one of the most embarrassing moments of the Olympics when he failed to qualify for the 200-meter final because he looked across before the finish line to check on the competition.

"It has been a brilliant Games but this is not an overnight success", he said.

Earlier, the glory belonged to Bolt, 29, who made history when he sealed the sprint "triple triple" in his final Games, his third consecutive 100m, 200m and 4x100m sweep. With 121 medals total, the United States of America finished 51 medals ahead of China, which is the largest margin for any non-boycotted Olympic Games since 1932.

At times it was hard to focus on the sporting triumphs taking place across the sprawling city. "To be able to go even further than London, I think as a nation we should be proud". The gold medal in soccer was the only one that Brazilians unequivocally demanded.

Rio won the right to host the Games in 2009 when the economy was booming and millions were pushing into the middle class.

As a nation overall, the U.S. Brazil struggled the rest of the way, losing their final five games, but still proved that water polo could have a place, and definitely a fan base, in the country, afterall.

Tokyo will also need to avoid leaving seats at venues empty - a frequent issue in Rio.

Despite the fears over Zika, the women's game had no high-profile no-shows.

But for Brazilians, harsh reality dawned on Monday with the Senate readying the next stage of impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff, suspended from office in May amid allegations of accounting irregularities.

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