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Teachers going #RedforEd in protest of DeVos as secretary of education

Teachers going #RedforEd in protest of DeVos as secretary of education

Today, Senate education Chairman Lamar Alexander spoke on the Senate floor in support of President Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education.

DeVos is a lobbyist for extreme educational causes, and big donor to political ideologues.

Similarly, Paul Reville, a professor at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, believes DeVos will be confirmed as secretary of education.

The verdict? It was a total failure.

In Michigan, where she wields even more political sway, DeVos has succeeded in convincing state and local politicians to forgo traditional public education in Detroit and replace it with publicly owned but privately run charter schools. Restrictions on allocations of Title I funding, meant to increase financial support to schools serving high percentages of students in poverty, were replaced by competitive grants known as Race To The Top, pitting poor schools against each other in a competition for desperately needed Title I funds.

Continued GOP control of the House and Senate and Trump's surprise election have opened up possibilities for new federally funded school choice programs, from tax credit scholarships to grants to boost the creation of new private schools to changes to the longstanding Title I program for poor students.

Most weren't, and as a result, billions in taxpayer dollars were wasted.

The opposition comes as the nation's public school establishment is pushing back against DeVos, who has been critical of the public school system while working to shift public money to private and religious schools. Our Secretary of Education must be committed to upholding the principle of the federal IDEA to provide "a free and appropriate public education" for all. The future of education is at risk and may soon lie in the hands of DeVos.

What is your position on the use of Title I funds to support educational equity in urban and rural schools that teach significant populations of low-income students? She has never taught in a public school nor served on a school board. Truscott said he'd spoken to DeVos personally in the wake of a tense Senate hearing in which DeVos was grilled by Democrats about the possibility that she held views hostile to LGBT people.

DeVos' conflict of interest paperwork is complicated because of her wealth and the Office of Government Ethics had not approved her paperwork before her confirmation hearing.

New Teacher Center is a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving student achievement by "accelerating the effectiveness of new teachers, experienced teachers and school leaders".

DeVos's support for private schools doesn't stop there.

The education department's devastating final report on SIP won't be overlooked for long. "There are, clearly, issues over the decades now over what's worked and what hasn't worked". Because of this, we do not know how well students are being educated in our private, parochial and charter schools.

"This idea is hardly new, and it's hardly subversive", yet it's " what Senate Democrats are so busy criticizing Betsy DeVos about", he said.


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