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Armless robot loses fight to drunk man

Armless robot loses fight to drunk man

Sylvain was arrested during an attempt to tackle the egg-shaped robot, and local people were appalled according to ABC7 News.

In case you liked the alternative reality that we tongue in cheek suggested, you should know that a 300lbs Knightscope K5 has already run over a toddler's foot in a shopping mall, badly hurting the wickle chap. µ. Both look like a cross between R2-D2 and a Dalek, with a little Cylon thrown in for flavor in the K5.

The K5 is autonomous and created to avoid confrontation. Neither robot is equipped with weapons, so the chances of them going out of control like ED-209 is basically nil. Their most famous unit, K5, is a five-foot tall, 300-pound machine created to wander around corporate campuses and malls, scanning the area with a camera and calling security if anything is out of the ordinary.

The robot, known as the K5, was developed by security company Knightscope.

The Knightscope K5 was minding its own business and patrolling a parking lot last week when Jason Sylvain made a decision to knock the security robot over, which is not the easiest thing to do the robot weighs 300 pounds. As Sylvain was drunk, the excuse for knocking the robot over may be as simple as "it looked at me amusing".

Jason Sylvain, 41, allegedly approached and pushed over the 300-pound armless Knightscope robot, ABC7 reported. Stacy Dean Stephens, Knightscope's VP of marketing told CNET that: "The robot did exactly as it was supposed to do".

The K5 hasn't always been touted as a superior crime-fighting robot. Sylvain was arrested for prowling and also being drunk in public. He claimed he was trying to "test" the robot.

This isn't the first drunken attack on a robot.


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