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Princess Haya sends warm birthday message to Her Majesty

Princess Haya sends warm birthday message to Her Majesty

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 91st birthday last week and pop sensation Rihanna has posted a weird tribute to the monarch on her Instagram account.

The singer clearly had the Queen on the brain on Sunday and chose to give her a shoutout by photoshopping the monarch's head onto pictures of her own racy, high fashion outfits.

Her next photoshop job saw the Queen sporting Rihanna's striking Coachella outfit in which she wore a full body diamante bodysuit by Gucci. "Y'all just leave Rihanna alone, only the Queen can say Rihanna that is disrespectful".

One photo labeled "be humble", received comments such as "humble? how can you preach us to be humble while you show disrespect to the queen?!". I honestly couldn't tell you. "She's someone's grandma. Imagine if it's yours..."

In another photo, Rihanna Photoshopped the top half of the queen's body onto a paparazzi photo of herself walking down the street in a green fur coat and thigh-high boots.

RIHANNA received mixed reactions from her 52.5 million Instagram followers after she superimposed the Queen's head onto her own raunchy pictures. "The queen is a very very very very very important person in our lives and it's very disrespectful to just do this", one fan hit back after seeing the multiple photos the star uploaded.

Do U think the photos are too much? You know, because she's old and English.

Even if some of the commenters weren't as thrilled with Rihanna's tribute to the nonagenarian Queen, Riri's own way of showing respect to England's royal matriarch was certainly memorable.


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