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Astronaut breaks record for most time in space by American

Trump - asking questions from the Oval Office with his daughter Ivanka by his side, and with astronaut Kate Rubins and top advisers filling out the room - clearly relished the drama of the unusual call.

During the 20-minute special "Earth-to-space" call, Trump spoke at length with Whitson, who was joined by a visibly excited space first-timer, astronaut Jack Fischer.

Commander Whitson replied: "I think as your bill directed it will be approximately in the 2030s" adding "Getting there will require some global cooperation to get it to be a planet-wide approach in order to make it successful".

"Station, this is your president, do you hear me?"

Ms. Whitson was already was the world's most experienced spacewoman and female spacewalker and, at 57, the oldest woman to go into space. Whitson will build on that record until September when she is scheduled to return from the International Space Station.

All the little girls out there who dream of flying through space one day have a new hero they can look up to - record-breaking astronaut Peggy Whitson.

President Donald Trump's congratulatory call with phenomenal U.S. astronaut Peggy Whitson took a turn for the awkward when the subject changed to urine.

Whitson has achieved a lot and broken many records in her illustrious career as an astronaut.

The President also expressed disgust about the drinking habits of astronauts in the International Space Station.

In response, Trump joked that he wants to see humans on Mars by the end of his second term at the latest.

During his call with the astronauts, landing humans on the surface of Mars seemed to be top-of-mind for Trump.

"We'll do our best", Whitson said, amid smiles and laughter.

Trump, who praised the astronauts as "our finest", jokingly expressed a preference for the space travelers over politicians.

She said she used a device the size of a mobile phone for the job, and noted that such sequencing can detect microbes aboard spacecraft and monitor astronaut health.

"That's fantastic", Mr. Trump said.

She also said that if people are going to go to Mars for multiple years, we're going to need to "close the life-support system", including figuring out how to create drinkable water.

In addition to spending 535 consecutive days in space, Whitson became the first woman commander of the International Space Station in 2008.


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