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Are new Trump hotels exploiting presidency or just business?

Are new Trump hotels exploiting presidency or just business?

The Trump Organization announced plans on Monday to launch a new three-star hotel chain with a patriotic theme called "American Idea", the New York Times reported.

At the new MS hotels, prices may start at just $65 a night, said Dinesh Chawla, whose company will own the three properties, licensing the American Idea name.

The Trump family is expanding their hotel empire throughout the US with a distinctly American angle.

The company also says the first of dozens of hotels in another new Trump chain called Scion is under construction in MS, too.

Donald Trump ceded control of the Trump Organization to his sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., when he became president.

Therein lies an opportunity, said Eric Danziger, chief executive officer of Trump Hotels. In March, Ivanka Trump's fashion brand dropped its fine jewelry collection to focus on more moderately priced items.

American Idea hotels will reportedly display artifacts of American culture such as old Coca-Cola vending machines in the lobby and USA -made sundries in the rooms. The new hotel, which is expected to be completed in first half of 2018, would be called the Lyric Hotel and Spa, and allow "guests from all over the world to immerse themselves in MS culture".

Scion is a four-star hotel chain meant to offer upscale service in USA cities that could not support a full-fledged Trump luxury property.

Government ethics experts worry that developers seeking to curry favour with the president will be eager to help him in his new chains.

The company has 39 signed letters of intent for Scion properties, Danziger said. Chawla Hotels now owns 17 hotels.

Suresh Chawla, who noted that their father's hero was former president Bill Clinton, said the hotel would succeed based on its service, and not on politics.

The Trump Organization has Trump-branded hotels in major cities across the country and parts of the world. The chain, called American Idea, will debut with three properties in the Mississippi Delta, according to a press release.

The announcement, which was made during a party at Trump Tower on Monday, is likely to renew concerns over possible conflicts of interest.

He vowed that the company wouldn't strike new foreign deals during his presidency and would be managed by his sons.

As far as the Chawlas are concerned, Danziger said, they've been vetted fully. "It was easy to approve".


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