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Forbes rich list: Cristiano Ronaldo remains on top, Messi slips

McGregor made $18 million with $4 million in endorsements previous year to make the number 85 spot during his first appearance on the Forbes Highest Paid Athlete list, however he claimed to have made upwards of $40 million.

Forbes described the cricketer as the "Indian cricket phenom", adding that he has "for good reason" already started drawing comparisons with all-time great Sachin Tendulkar. Portugal's star player Cristiano Ronaldo is at number one in the top-earning players. Forbes said the majority of Virat Kohli's earnings are coming from sponsorship contract. If he lands the boxing match he wants with Floyd Mayweather, McGregor could possibly launch himself into the Top 5 on the Forbes list.

One of four combat sports athletes to make the top 100 in 2016, McGregor was the only representative from mixed martial arts this year. Tennis star Serena Willaims, who is placed at the 51st position with United States dollars 27 million, the sole female athlete to make the cut this year.

Forbes said while Woods continues to "sink further away" from the player that dominated the golf landscape, "sponsors still see value in partnering with" him.

Golf legend Tiger Woods, who was arrested recently after police found him asleep at the steering wheel of his auto as a result of his medication, comes in at the 17th spot.

Forbes issued its annual list of highest paid athletes and James moved up one slot to No. 2.

The top five highest-paid athletes after Ronaldo and James are Lionel Messi ($80 million), Roger Federer ($64 million) and Kevin Durant ($60.6 million).

McGregor made $27 million from just the UFC alone on the back of his three fights in 2016. Take a look at Episode 6 of The JOE Show - Ireland's first social chat show - featuring live studio guests Otherkin, the stars of Baywatch and The Mummy, there's music from Pine The Pilcrow, crackin' new comedy from Shifts, and Kymann Power and Joe Gorman bust some sexy moves with the Lords Of Strut.

The top 100 players on the list included athletes from 11 sports including 32 National Basketball Association players, up from 18 in 2016.


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