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Hawaii Signs Legislation To Implement Goals Of Paris Climate Accord Anyway

The governor, as well as the state's county mayors and state representatives gathered in Honolulu to sign two bills and a mayor's agreement in support of the Paris agreement, according to a press release.

The spokesman went on to call Trump's Paris Agreement decision "short-sighted and silly", and "ignorant of the fact that the protection of the global environment is in their own interests".

It also formally states that the goals of the Paris pact are also the state's goals, including keeping global warming at or below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, increasing the ability worldwide to adapt to the consequences of climate change and making financial flows align with low-greenhouse gas goals.

Trump's decision last week to yank the USA from the global pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions prompted widespread rebuke from foreign heads of state, American lawmakers and environmental groups.

"We are setting a course to change the trajectory for Hawaii and islanders for generations to come", Governor Ige said of the agreement.

He said the USA will start to negotiate to try and make the deal fair for the American workers, people, companies and taxpayers.

Mr Trump's decision, based on the deal being bad for American jobs, was met with scorn and condemnation both at home and overseas, with isolated North Korea among the latest to join the chorus. "Climate change is real, regardless of what others say".

For another, Trump's team had cherry-picked the evidence, looking for the lowest number they could find-no matter if it was applicable or not-among the studies that explored the impact of the climate accord, said Erwan Monier, co-author of the study and principal research scientist at MIT's department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences. And through C40 Cities, the global network of 91 cities, of which I, Mayor Hidalgo, serve as chairwoman, mayors representing 650 million citizens are pledging their determination to deliver on the Paris Agreement.

To conclude, while the U.S. pull out would negatively impacts the global fight against climate disturbances in the short run, all indications from other major nations point that the collective fight is on and there is no going back on Paris deal. "That's why my administration and the Legislature are already taking concrete steps to implement the Paris Accord", Ige said in a statement after Trump announced the country's withdrawal.

So we need to move to allocations for each country.

With Trump's withdrawal, the US joins Syria and Nicaragua as countries in the United Nations climate group not on board with the Paris climate accord.


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