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Iran makes five shipments of vegetables by air to Qatar

Zarif, during his meeting with Kenyan Foreign Minister Amina Mohamed on the sidelines of the Oslo Forum, called for Kenyan efforts to help resolve the ongoing diplomatic crisis in the Middle East by initiating dialogue between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

US State Department has said progress has been made towards resolving the crisis between Qatar and its Gulf neighbours after senior American officials met leading players in the standoff.

"I am alarmed about the possible impact on many people's human rights in the wake of the decision by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt and Bahrain to cut diplomatic and economic ties with Qatar", Zeid said in a statement.

Qatar, for its part, strenuously denies accusations that it is a supporter of terrorism, describing moves to isolate it by its fellow Arab countries as "unjustified".

The Iraqi prime minister noted that his country's stance "is not political but humanitarian; therefore, he asked Riyadh to 'clarify" Doha's alleged involvement in terrorism.

He said they would broadly address the three areas of support for terrorism, meddling in the internal affairs of these countries and attacks through Qatari-owned media platforms.

Qatar is also home to the forward headquarters of US Central Command, which leads US military action against IS in Iraq and Syria.

Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said King Salman and Mr Sharif discussed the "latest regional developments" in addition to bilateral relations.

Mauritania followed suit shortly afterward, while Jordan downgraded its diplomatic relations with Doha and closed the local office of Qatar's Al Jazeera satellite news channel.

Erdogan added he would hold three-way phone talks on the crisis later Tuesday with French President Emmanuel Macron and Qatar's emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani.

Meanwhile, the attempts by the several Gulf states to impose a de facto transport blockade against Qatar have already raised concerns that the country, which depends heavily on food imports, may end up facing a severe food shortage.

Washington should consider relocating its Al Udeid airbase from Qatar as it gives the gas-rich state "a nice insurance policy" against pressure from Arab neighbors, the UAE ambassador to the USA argued as the Gulf political crisis enters its second week.


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