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Kia Unveils New Compact Crossover — Surprise Announcement

Kia Unveils New Compact Crossover — Surprise Announcement

It will go on sale in the second half of 2017.

Inspired by larger Kia SUVs such as the Sportage, the new model will be available with a host of personalisation options. Stonic targeting young drivers has the "design, price tag, mileage, and drive experience optimal for 20s and 30s and first-time vehicle buyers", said the company in releasing the rendering.

CROSSOVERS and SUVs large and small are all the rage in today's vehicle market and Kia is winding up to introduce its latest offering in the sector with the Stonic.

Design boss Peter Schreyer previously admitted the Stonic would not veer too much away from the design identity of existing models. It could also include the roof rack shown in Kia's sketches. The interior looks like the real deal though - especially given the obvious connections with the Rio supermini.

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Kia Motors Corporation has previewed its upcoming compact SUV, the Stonic, with a few official sketches. The Niro name was later applied to its compact hybrid SUV, leaving a void in the range to be filled by this small Nissan Juke-style crossover.

KIA WILL FOLLOW sibling brand, Hyundai to market with a small SUV at the end of this year.

Sharp horizontal feature lines blend with softer sculpted surfaces, to bring compact dimensions and a low centre of gravity to the class.

Again, there are lots of straight lines, smooth surfaces and "geometric design forms".


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