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Niantic wants to punish 'Pokémon GO' cheaters by making pokémon behave weirdly

Niantic wants to punish 'Pokémon GO' cheaters by making pokémon behave weirdly

The whole "Pokemon GO" player base are well-oriented with the massive gym and collaborative raid updates including the anti-bot/spoof measures where spoofed and sniped Pokemon are marked with a red slash. But the updated feature has also given rise to a new Gym meta, and it's one that's making beating opponents as easy as pie.

Pokemon Go is celebrating its first anniversary now. Only last month action was taken to counter it by shadowbanning the cheaters.

This means that for teams that already have a low Motivation level, Ditto can easily beat them.

To view your badges, go to your Trainer Profile, scroll down to Gym Badges, then List. Don't worry though, they will be extending it to more and more players over time.

Admittedly, the strategy isn't ideal.

Pokémon Go's eagerly anticipated massively multiplayer Raid Battles are now live, but only for players level 35 and up.

This is just one way that the Gym update is paying off for players. Additionally, your Pokemon has to defend for at least an hour to get a coin, so if a gym is taken over 52 minutes after you put your Pokemon there, it will return with nothing. Niantic's warning to cheaters and hackers remains clear.

The Gym update hasn't been available for long and so over time, smart and tactical players will think of a way to counter the Ditto sweeping method.

It seems that Niantic wants to make the game as fair as possible ahead of its new content.

This is part of a larger philosophy by Niantic to not ban people outright from Pokemon GO, but as a way to make it so that cheating isn't worth it at all. As aforementioned, there are some trainers who noticed that the so-called mark of shame was removed whenever they evolve such monster, Polygon reported.


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