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UK's Johnson backs PM May after reports of leadership challenge

UK's Johnson backs PM May after reports of leadership challenge

The Foreign Secretary's odds dived as news of the possibility of a hung parliament was announced late Thursday evening.

Several UK senior cabinet members expressed their support to the country's Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and wanted him to replace Theresa May as the country's prime minister, Sputnik reported.

However, Boris himself described the story as "Mail on Sunday tripe" adding: 'I am backing Theresa May.

Following David Cameron's resignation after his defeat in last summer's European Union referendum, Johnson was seen as one of the front-runners to become next Tory leader, and as a result, prime minister.

As well as encouraging his fellow Tory MPs to support the PM, he also urges them to stop the narrative that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn won the Election - adding that the result was hardly better than in 2010 when Gordon Brown was their leader. 2 I can't remember us having anything like 43 per cent of the vote...

Mr Campbell replied: "I think Boris Johnson is shot, as in people have seen through the act".

Her party was humiliated in last night's election, in which they'd hoped to secure a landslide.

She will face her MPs in the next two days, and could be told that she must resign, but it is considered more likely that she will be able to stay at least through the summer.

Philip Hammond has kept his job as Chancellor and Amber Rudd hers as Home Secretary.

The Prime Minister is now manoeuvring frantically to strike a deal with the Northern Irish DUP that would allow her to stay in power as head of a minority government.

"6 yes of course we need to think about the lessons of this election but not in the papers..."


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