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Amazon Prepared Meal Kit Service Possibly Launching Soon

Amazon Prepared Meal Kit Service Possibly Launching Soon

"You be the chef", according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office records.

Amazon, just weeks after making a $13.7 billion bid to buy Whole Foods Market, is laying the groundwork to start a meal kit delivery service that could shake up the fledgling industry.

Blue Apron emerged as the leader in a competitive market for home-delivered, ready-to-cook meals, after a few of its rivals scaled back or closed up shop. Blue Apron said in its IPO prospectus that it believes its cash and borrowing capacity will be sufficient for at least a year. And while you may be lamenting Blue Apron's current status as a brand new competitor of Amazon, remember: it could happen to absolutely anybody and there's nothing you can do about it.

Blue Apron shares tumbled more than 11 percent to $6.51, a drop of almost 35 percent since its June 29 initial public offering price of $10. With a market cap of $1.23 billion, Blue Apron is about a quarter billion dollars away from losing its unicorn status.

Amazon is planning to acquire Whole Foods for nearly $14 billion, a move that put the fear of Bezos into much of the retail and grocery sector. But the industry still remains small, with only about 5 percent of US households using the kits, according to market research firm The NPD Group.

While Amazon's exact plans aren't known, theoretically, every single Amazon Prime customer would already be a member of their meal-kit plan.

After The Sunday Times uncovered a new Amazon trademark that signals the company's interest in its own meal-kit service, Blue Apron shares sunk more than 11 percent on Monday. In the last quarter, the company spent $61 million, or about a quarter of its revenue, on online, podcast, and other marketing.

TechCrunch's investigation also turned up evidence that Amazon is planning a line of pre-made food. It lost another 10 percent in trading Monday after Amazon's trademark application was announced. "The application also mentions "...frozen, prepared and packaged meals and food kits consisting primarily of grains, rice noodles, pasta or bakery products..."


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