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M'sia to do its part to help resolve Qatar crisis

M'sia to do its part to help resolve Qatar crisis

The countries which have boycotted Qatar insist that Doha meet their demands while Qatar has rejected their demands.

Some countries announced they had taken a series of other measures, including the termination of sea and air communication, the suspension of banking transactions and the expulsion of Qatari diplomats and citizens.

"We must not be distracted from our campaign to root out ISIS and cut off their flow of funds", said a statement distributed by Qatar's government communication office, referring to the IS group using a different acronym.

The countries all ties with Qatar last month, alleging that it supports Islamist militant groups, a charge Qatar has denied.

Tillerson arrived back in Doha after meeting Saudi Arabia's King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman 24 hours earlier.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said in Doha on Saturday that Paris wants to assist Kuwait-led mediation on the crisis between Qatar and four other Arab states. Those leagues stand to lose millions of dollars in profits if the pro teams have to suspend play while their best players play for their home countries in Qatar. The alliance has moreover struggled to come up with a set of demands that many in the global community have said need to be reasonable and actionable.

"Right now, after Egypt, we're months away from what we think would be an actual resolution and that's very discouraging", RC Hammond told reporters.

However, the information ministry was quick to deny that Khartoum is planning to join the Saudi-led alliance against Qatar and reaffirmed Khartoum support for the Kuwaiti efforts to send the rift between the Gulf countries.

While in Qatar, he secured an agreement to enhance cooperation on combatting terrorism and terror financing.

The signing of an agreement by the United States and Qatar last Wednesday on tackling funding terrorism could hardly please the countries which have boycotted Qatar. For that reason, six Arab nations now boycotting Qatar have called upon Federation Internationale de Football Association to cancel the 2022 bid of Qatar and award the games to another nation.

They accused Qatar of supporting terrorism, having close relations with Iran, and using exiled activists and media outlets to attack Arab regimes.

At the heart of the Gulf crisis, lies a fundamental divide in how Qatar and its main detractors, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, envision the future of the Middle East and North Africa.

On Tuesday, speaking in Doha, Tillerson described Qatar as being "reasonable" in its dispute with the four states.


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