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New evidence shows Venus Williams entered intersection legally in fatal vehicle crash

New evidence shows Venus Williams entered intersection legally in fatal vehicle crash

Williams had to stop in the intersection to prevent crashing into the Nissan, police said. A Hyundai Accent driven by Linda Barson collided with Williams' SUV in an accident that left Linda Barson with multiple injuries and her husband, Jerome Barson, critically injured. When the traffic light changed, an approaching auto driven by Barson's wife, Linda, collided with Williams' vehicle.

"There is nothing that disputes Ms. Williams' was in the intersection on a red light, and the witnesses clearly confirm the Barsons had a green light and lawfully entered the intersection", Steinger said in a statement, per The Associated Press.

Two weeks after the crash, Jerome Barson died in a hospital, and his family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Williams, citing negligence.

Ms Williams' lawyer Malcolm Cunningham told CNN in a statement: "Ms Williams entered the intersection on a green light".

On Wednesday, her lawyers won an emergency protective order to prevent the Benson family from independently inspecting and receiving crash data from the Hyundai Accent, the Bensons' auto.

But police spokesman Major Paul Rogers said today the video has caused investigators to rescind their original conclusion, with no blame yet determined.

Williams' lawyer, Malcolm Cunningham, who had earlier noted that his client was driving through the intersection at 5 miles per hour, released a statement on the new evidence.

Linda Barson also required hospitalization after she suffered "a cracked sternum, shattered right arm, broken right wrist, hand and fingers", according to the lawsuit filed by Steinger. She entered the intersection legally at a green light.

The tennis ace, who was involved in a vehicle crash in Florida on 9 June, may now have charges quashed due to a video that has emerged of her driving on the night of the accident.

Now, Palm Beach Gardens police say the investigation is ongoing and it is unclear who is at fault. After that vehicle passes, Venus is already in the intersection, so she starts to go forward again.

"There are really no words to describe, like, how devastating and - yeah". She was forced to stop to avoid hitting the Ultima, which caused her to stop in the intersection.

Williams broke down earlier this week when asked about the case by a reporter at Wimbledon.

Williams, 37, reached the last 16 at Wimbledon on Friday.


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