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Sessions says he will stay in role

Sessions says he will stay in role

Asked if the special counsel would overstep a red line if he examined Mr Trump's family business, Mr Trump replied: "I would say yes".

Trump's anger with Sessions in the Times' interview appeared to stem in part from his belief that Sessions' recusal had led to Sessions' deputy, Rod Rosenstein, appointing former FBI Director Robert Mueller to lead a special counsel investigation into any alleged collusion between Trump campaign associates and Russian Federation.

During his confirmation hearing Sessions said he would consider recusing himself from investigations that involved the Trump campaign if there was a conflict of interest.

Mr. Trump's cavalier attitude toward this carefully designed system is an affront to the people who have spent their careers respecting and protecting it. The president said Mueller's selection for the job was a conflict of interest because Trump had spoken with him about returning to the Federal Bureau of Investigation after the firing of James Comey in May. For weeks, the president has seethed about Sessions' decision to recuse himself from the federal investigation into whether Trump's campaign coordinated with Russian Federation during last year's election. He did so after failing to disclose at his confirmation hearing that he had held meetings previous year with Russia's ambassador.

"When Mr. Sessions recused himself, the president said he was irritated to learn where his deputy was from", the New York Times article said. "What I think the public is increasingly concerned about is if you've got nothing to hide, you really shouldn't have something to fear about these investigations".

Trump routinely cuts the legs out from under his vice president, his press secretary and other defenders by reversing the positions or explanations they had been instructed to put out there.

NBC's Ali Vitali and Katy Tur: "The Trump administration is expected to name former Trump transition team official Anthony Scaramucci as White House communications director, four sources in and close to the White House told NBC News Thursday". John F. Wood, an attorney with the law firm of Hughes Hubbard & Reed who served as a counselor to the attorney general and as USA attorney for the Western District of Missouri during the George W. Bush administration, told HuffPost he found Trump's comments "unusual" and a break with the traditional restrictions between the White House and DOJ.

Collins said the ramifications for Trump firing Mueller would be huge.

"I don't think we're under investigation", the Times quoted Trump as saying.

The focus on potential conflicts with Mueller's team may well be an effort to distract from snowballing federal and congressional investigations into possible election year coordination between Trump's campaign and Russian Federation.

They took only a few questions before a spokesman asked if there were any questions about the department's dismantlement of AlphaBay, a "dark web" market.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions should know better. "He found that the statute required him to appoint a special counsel and he did that". At times he has told allies he's convinced that the White House has turned the corner and the controversy will soon be behind him. Yet it's striking, in talking to progressive activists, how optimistic they feel about eventually meeting Trump's challenge to our democracy. "I can't answer that question because I don't think it's going to happen", he said. "Look, this is about Russia", Trump told the Times.

And former Attorney General Eric Holder said that Trump can't "define or constrain" the Mueller investigation.

Buzzfeed later published the dossier in full after it was reported that then President Barack Obama and Trump were made aware of its existence during a daily briefing. He previously said this was why he fired Mr. Comey, and it may yet be the undoing of Mr. Sessions, Mr. Rosenstein and Mr. Mueller.

On Capitol Hill, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved Trump's pick to replace Comey at the FBI, Christopher Wray.

WASHINGTON ― It became pretty clear this week that President Donald Trump doesn't seem to know much about how the Department of Justice operates, or much about some of the people he nominated to key positions at DOJ.

Members of both parties are warning the president not to mess with Mueller.


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