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Mother drowns in Houston flooding, daughter survives

Mother drowns in Houston flooding, daughter survives

The woman grabbed her daughter and got out of the vehicle, but the floodwaters swept them away.

The current carried the pair into a waterlogged canal. The rescuers chased the body and caught up with it about half-a-mile downstream from the parking lot.

"Basically, we're working with air directors and first responders to identify people in need and get them assistance as quickly as possible", he said.

Captain Brad Pennison, a spokesman for the Beaumont fire-rescue department, told the BBC that police had already despatched emergency services once the woman's vehicle was spotted stuck in high water on a service road near Interstate 10. "When they found her she was still up out of the water", Morrow said.

The vehicle then became stuck and the mother exited the auto with her daughter.

"The baby also had a backpack that was helping her float on her back and she was holding on to her mom", Riley said.

The mother was unresponsive when first responders reached her.

The child was responsive but suffering from hypothermia. The child, who was suffering from hypothermia, is now in stable condition, police said. He was reportedly out of town when tragedy struck.

The New York Times reported The Houston Police Department had rescued more than 3,500 people, while city fire Chief Samuel Peña reported 400 rescues made by his department.

Colette Sulcer drowned while saving her three-year-old from floodwaters in Beaumont, Texas.

Hurricane Harvey has killed at least 18 people and forced 200,000 from their home after the heaviest rain in U.S. history was dumped on Houston during the catastrophic storm.

Neighboring Louisiana is set to bear the brunt of the tropical storm's massive downpours today, with flash flood warnings in place across the entire state.

U.S. Coast Guard agencies from Southeast Texas have dispatched rescue helicopters after flooding from Harvey left residents in need.


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