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Sonic Mania's PC DRM seems to have caught the devs by surprise

Sonic Mania's PC DRM seems to have caught the devs by surprise

Sonic Mania has launched onto PC, with Denuvo DRM and an always online requirement.

"I preordered the game, expecting it to be DRM-free because the storefront page didn't mention it".

This has been met with some consternation, as Sonic Mania is a single-player side-scroller, and as such doesn't have any features that require online play. In a nutshell, the game will not play without any kind of online connection. We'll see whether or not this makes a measurable impact on Mania's PC sales in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, we suspect that the efforts to crack Denuvo for this game will increase significantly.

We have reached out to Headcannon and SEGA for statements regarding this story.

KitGuru Says: There is some "he said, she said" going on here but when it comes down to it, Sonic Mania is still an excellent game and the development team should be proud of it. Hello Games has since released several updates to address it. Sega failed to note on the game's store page that Mania came with the digital rights management service built in, so when buyers found it included in the game, they felt duped. The message was posted on Sonic Mania's official Steam page, under a user named Sega Dev.

The statement also reads: "Sonic Mania is meant to be played offline and we're investigating reports on that". Then there was the absolute gem, "SHAME ON YOU, SEGA". Fans already hate Denuvo - for causing performance issues and locking paying customers out of their own games - so when it appeared that Sega was trying to slide the DRM in under their noses, they flipped.

Following the likes of Dota 2 earlier this week, Sonic Mania is the latest game on Steam to get review-bombed by the community due to its use of Denuvo DRM.

Users can refund a pre-ordered games, sure, but the purchase of the original Sonic bundle made the first game playable from the get-go. "The fix is now being tested by SEGA QA to ensure it is working properly and we'll let you know when it will be implemented via our social channels ASAP".


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