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Woman rejects Justin Bieber!

Woman rejects Justin Bieber!

Justin Bieber recently announced he's ready to get wifed up, and it appears the hunt for his ideal woman is on.

Justin sent a cheeky direct message to the gym Jessica works at - Fitness on Broughton - to ask "Who is that girl", as she posed in a social media clip to promote the club's energy drinks wearing workout clothes.

According to multiple sources, the upcoming Justin Bieber single was reportedly co-produced by Martin Garrix and BloodPop, and co-written by Julia Michaels. Bieber wrote to the gym that posted her video.

Shocked by the Bieber message, Gober immediately called her mom and boyfriend.

Bieber's DM read: "Who is that girl? 3?"

Sorry Biebs, guess she doesn't want to be your One Less Lonely Girl, you'll just have to go and Love Yourself it too late to say Sorry for these very bad puns? He literally once posted a pic of a random hottie asking his millions of followers "omg who is this!".

It's not clear how Biebs even stumbled across the post in the first place - it's not hashtagged or anything - but it's not the first time he's thirsted via IG. "We all go through things but the difference between other people is that no one knows about it".

She explained, "I didn't post the pictures of my boyfriend and because I thought that Justin Bieber wanted to "get with me", I posted them in response to everyone commenting that I "ruined my chances with Justin by tweeting the screenshots". The star, who was helped by Usher to become one of the shakers in the music industry, DM'd the Georgia based Gym where #Jessica Gober works after bumping into her photo on Instagram.


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