120K flee imminent Bali volcano eruption

120K flee imminent Bali volcano eruption

There have been tremors around Mount Agung since August, as the volcano on the tourist island threatens to erupt for the first time in 50 years.

Officials at an evacuation centre in Klungkung district said 122,490 people had left their homes, taking refuge at almost 500 makeshift shelters or moving in with relatives.

Around 1,35,000 residents have left their homes on Indonesia's Bali island fearing Mount Agung's volcanic eruption, Reuters reported on Friday. The disaster mitigation agency's command post in Bali said the number of evacuees has swelled to about 134,200 by Thursday evening.

Five mobile sirens have been installed in the danger zone to warn residents in the event of an eruption.

Officials estimate there are at least 30,000 cows within a 12-kilometre radius of the mountain's summit, and efforts to relocate them are ongoing.

"Our staff are combing the area and urging everyone to evacuate", said Indonesian National Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said at a news conference.

"The danger line on the map is not clearly visible on the field, hence many people are afraid", he said. Indonesian authorities declared a state of emergency.

"It can also mean the volcano is rebuilding the pressure", he said, citing last week's seismicity data, which showed a decrease in energy followed by a sharp increase.

Indonesia is home to more than 400 volcanoes, of which at least 127 are active and 65 are classified as risky.

People at temporary shelter in Bali, waiting out the volcano eruption.

The Manaro Voui volcano, which last erupted in 2005, sent up a plume of steam and ash over the weekend, prompting authorities to declare a state of emergency.

"No vulcanologist in the world knows whether this volcano will erupt or not, [but] we don't want to wait until the first eruption occurs, because by then it will be too late for everyone", Devy said. The volcano has been at its highest alert level for a week, sparking the exodus. More than 130,000 people have fled the area around Mount Agung, fearing a major eruption.


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