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Amazon shops to open inside some Kohl's stores

Amazon shops to open inside some Kohl's stores

The giant online retailer and the discount department store are building "smart home" experience stores within 10 Kohl's locations in the Los Angeles and Chicago areas.

They'll open in October to be ready in time for holiday shopping. For Amazon, the experience shops will add to its growing presence in the brick-and-mortar retail world, and potentially help the company sell a few more Kindles and Echoes along the way. Kohl's operates some 1,160 stores, so this arrangement at 10 locations will hardly move the needle, but some Wall Street analyst surmised a broader rollout would come later.

Kohl's will begin the pilot program in October at 10 stores in Los Angeles and Chicago, and described the Amazon-equipped smart-home zones as "a first-of-its-kind experience".

Starting next month, Chicago-area shoppers will be able to shop for Amazon products in an unlikely spot: Kohl's.

Chief Merchandising Officer Michelle Gass said, "Kohl's and Amazon share a customer obsession and we've joined together to leverage each other's strengths and deliver a great experience customers can only find at Kohl's".

Kohl's also has been working to shrink its stores - either by moving into smaller spaces, or by changing the layout and adjusting fixtures and inventory.

Kohl's - which is based in based in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin - has more than 1,1000 stores in 49 states.

Amazon devices on display at the company's flagship Seattle bookstore. The retailer has roughly 50 stores between Ventura and Orange counties.

David Limp with Amazon speaks about Alexa family devices in San Francisco.


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