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Children accounted for in school collapse

The search for survivors has continued for two days after the massive natural disaster.

Families of students who died there, meanwhile, were making funeral arrangements Thursday - and sharing those plans with each other through a WhatsApp messaging group they had joined before the quake, said Marisol Alexander, a woman who lives near the school. Rescuers continue to say there's life in the wrecked building, but there's no telling whether that includes her brother.

The military, which ran the rescue operation, spoke directly only to the network's reporters inside the site.

Tuesday's natural disaster turned dozens of buildings in central Mexico into dust and debris, killing at least 286 people, including one in Oaxaca, nearly 480 kilometers (300 miles) from Mexico City.

He said the Education and Defense secretariats, the Mexico City borough of Tlalpan – where Colegio Enrique Rebsamen is located – and the Navy Secretariat had worked with school officials to account for all of the students. "But I can remember that because every year, we remember that day because so many people died", said Glyka.

But a search for survivors intensified Wednesday when rescuers made contact with the 12-year-old girl and temperature readings suggested two others might be alive inside, CNN affiliate Foro TV reported. Shortly before dawn the pile of debris shuddered ominously, prompting those working atop it to evacuate.

Families have been sleeping in tents, accepting food and coffee from strangers, people have organized to present a united front to authorities, who they pressed ceaselessly for information.

"People are very sensitive because today was the 32nd anniversary of a tragedy", he said.

By Wednesday, the death toll rose to 225 after the quake toppled homes, schools and apartment buildings.

The sniffer dog is sent in, and the rescue workers meticulously move the rubble by hand. "So a smaller quake can cause the damaged buildings to fail", Caruso said. Relatives of the missing compared it against their own list of those who were in the building when the quake struck - more than two dozen names - kept in a spiral notebook.

The government's priority is providing "immediate attention" to those who need it, but officials are ready to begin a detailed survey of the damage in preparation for providing aid to people who lost their homes, he said. It was worse then, he said, crediting enhanced building regulations with minimizing the damage.

"I think it's important to have these moments of release", Malinalli said.

Experts said the two quakes did not appear to be related, as their epicenters were far apart. Non-governmental organisations that have been helping out in the area said that they observed how in the town of Ixhuatan, refuges set up all belonged to different political parties: to the PRI, PRD, and PAN.


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