Elon Musk's SpaceX to send rocket to Mars by 2022

Elon Musk's SpaceX to send rocket to Mars by 2022

In his speech, Musk said that SpaceX plans to use the same rockets that will send humans into space on a global city-to-city transport system.

It's called BFR, short for "Big F**king Rocket", and it's what will take you to Shanghai from NY in just under 40 minutes.

That same rocket will take humans from Los Angeles to London in just 32 Minutes.

The rocket is capable of flying from Earth to the Moon and back without refuelling, making creating a base on the Moon, dubbed Moon Base Alpha, achievable in near future.

"That's not a typo - although it is aspirational", said Musk on hitting Mars within five years.

Musk wants to make SpaceX's still-theoretical BFR rocket, which it will build for the Mars journey, financially viable by using it for the company's other services.

"All our resources will turn toward building BFR", Musk said.

The BFR, as part of its Interplanetary Transport System, will be the focus for Space X. It will have 31 main engines and be 48 meters long, producing a liftoff thrust of 5400 tons that lifts a total vehicle mass of 4400 tons.

Musk did not elaborate on what the flight experience might be like for passengers.

Because the rockets are fuelled by a mixture of oxygen and methane, they'd also be super clean. "It's 2017, I mean, we should have a lunar base by now-what the hell's going on", Musk said.

Musk hopes to begin construction on the new rocket within the next six to nine months.

BFR will be profitable because it will be 100 percent reusable, fully realizing the basic principle of SpaceX's ventures thus far.

Although SpaceX makes a lot of revenue with its current activities, its belived that the company will need a lot more revenue to meet its Mars ambitions and the United States government is a good source for these funds. Given SpaceX's history of rocket development, it's entirely conceivable the firm will be able to construct the BFR.

Elon Musk just unveiled more of his grand plan for colonizing Mars.

"Fly to most places on Earth in under 30 mins and anywhere in under 60", Musk wrote when he posted the video to Instagram.


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