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Fenty Beauty's holiday collection is on the way

Fenty Beauty's holiday collection is on the way

Speaking about the product, she said: "It's in our Fenty Beauty signature pinky nude colour".

Rihanna had the beauty world shook after the release of Fenty Beauty.

Rihanna has hailed her creations as "fun" make-up products that can be used to suit her customer's mood, outfit or occasion. Just two weeks after lauching her highly anticipated Fenty Beauty collection, the Bad Gal dropped another beauty bomb on us. And in this case, we won't have to wait long at all.

A lot of folks are surprised, but there's another side to Fentygate: the fans who are annoyed that casual Rihanna supporters never thought to figure out what Fenty meant in the first place.

"When people ask how I came up with Fenty", she wrote alongside a picture of herself giving a sarcastic eye-roll. It's not only amusing, it would seem to be a very accurate representation of the reaction to that question.

Rihanna first started using her surname when she began collaborating regularly with Puma.

Also unsurprising? That the holiday drop is exactly what you would want from Fenty gone festive.

Always one to have her footwear game on point, Rihanna finished her look with a attention-grabbing white patent pump that featured a zigzag cutout pattern running from the ankle strap to the pointed toe.

The video post contains new music too with RiRi's vocals, which leads us to wonder if music will be the next business move for the busy singer?


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