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Hope Hicks to Serve as Trump's Communications Director on Permanent Basis

Hope Hicks to Serve as Trump's Communications Director on Permanent Basis

Ms. Hicks, 28, was reluctant to take the job of communications director, but has been one of Mr. Trump's closest aides since before the start of his run for the presidency.

Previous media reports claimed that former Fox News contributor Mercedes Schlapp would receive the position.

Hicks was named interim White House communications director in August, after Anthony Scaramucci was ousted in July, just after 10 days in charge.

The same firm allowed her work on PR for Trump real estate, immediately after which Trump asked Hicks to join his campaign.

According to a 2016 New York Times profile-which called her "arguably the least credentialed press secretary in the modern history of presidential politics"-Hicks actually turned down the first offer to work for the Trump campaign".

Miss Hicks said: "President Trump has a magnetic personality and exudes positive energy, which is infectious to those around him".

Hicks previously worked for the Trump Organization, the Trump family's privately owned global conglomerate, including Ivanka Trump's fashion company.

A new woman is officially in charge of the White House's messaging, and her name is Hope Hicks. Mr. Scaramucci was the third White House Communications Director to serve and leave the post, which had been vacant since late May.

She joined the Trump organization as the director of strategic communications.

The role of White House Communications Director has been a tough one too fill since Trump was elected last November.


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