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How to help natural disaster victims in Mexico

How to help natural disaster victims in Mexico

President Enrique Peña Nieto called today for calm on the face of the more than 4,000 aftershocks, with some of them that yesterday caused new damages in the aforementioned states and the capital of the country.

MEXICO CITY (AP) - As the search continued Sunday for survivors and the bodies of people who died in quake-collapsed buildings in Mexico, thousands of people have been left homeless because their houses or apartment buildings are uninhabitable.

Two more earthquakes hit central Mexico Saturday while the country is still trying to recover from the previous quakes that have killed hundreds.

A labrador retriever is earning global praise for her efforts to rescue a dozen lives in various natural disasters following a pair of earthquakes that struck Mexico in recent weeks.

Mancera also said Saturday night on Twitter that almost 17,000 people have been "attended to" at 48 shelters, though it's not clear how many of those are being housed there. But he added, "Since Sept. 7, it has not stopped shaking".

Lidia Albarran, whose niece was buried in the collapse of an office building a block away, heard the alarm and anxious that the latest quake could endanger those under the pile of rubble.

"I was frightened because I thought, not again", Mrs Castellanos said.

The need to inspect 98 per cent of the capital's public and private schools almost a week after a magnitude 7.1 natural disaster killed at least 182 people in the city and 138 in nearby states was a stark indicator of just how long the path back to normalcy will be.

A strong aftershock has rolled through Mexico City, swaying buildings and sending some people running into the street.

Mexico lies at the meeting point of three major tectonic plates, and it is therefore prone to multiple earthquakes within a short time, as have occurred in recent weeks. Empty lots began to appear where just days ago a building stood.

The dog's rescue gave hope to residents and neighbors of the building who successfully got an injunction from a judge Saturday night requiring the rescue operation continue for at least five more days.

In a tweet on Friday, Mr Puente said the tolls remained unchanged elsewhere with 73 in Morelos, 45 in Puebla, 13 in Mexico state, six in Guerrero and one in Oaxaca.

"The families are still hopeful, but we psychologists are starting to prepare ourselves to counsel them in the context of mourning", said Penelope Exzacarias, who was on standby at a collapsed office building in Mexico City's trendy Roma neighborhood. "They are all moments that you wouldn't wish on anyone".

They were told that water and food had been passed along to at least some of those trapped inside.

Mrs Fernandez Romero said officials told them they knew where people were trapped on the fourth floor.


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