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Kenya Opposition Sets Conditions for Taking Part in New Vote

Kenya Opposition Sets Conditions for Taking Part in New Vote

The Supreme Court ruling, the first time in Africa that a court had overturned the re-election of a sitting president, was hailed by Odinga's supporters as "historic". The court on Friday said the election commission had not followed proper procedures and ordered it to hold a new vote within 60 days.

In the 8 August poll, incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the victor with 54% of the vote and Mr Odinga got 45%, according to the electoral commission.

But their rivals in Jubilee led by Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen, slammed the opposition over its new stand and dared Odinga to boycott.

Mogherini said the Supreme Court's ruling, ordering of a re-run of the presidential elections, is a strong demonstration of the independence of the Kenyan judiciary and the strength of national democracy.

He said Tuesday he continues to seek access to the electoral commission's computer servers as ordered by the court.

He said that he is aware of what transpired in the last elections, and he is not ready to go back in hands of the same commission that cheated him.

When the Supreme Court invalidated the results of Kenya's presidential election Maraga declared Uhuru Kenyatta's victory

Kenyatta won the August 8 vote by 1.4 million votes. "A stand-off on this issue is expected between Kenyatta's and Odinga's teams given that the president and several members of the government have vowed to fight any attempt to remove IEBC officials from office".

Shortly afterward, however, Kenyatta angrily attacked the decision, saying the Supreme Court judges "have been paid by white people and other trash".

The opposition leader wants some of the commission's officials to be prosecuted, arguing that without changes the new vote will be no different from the one last month.

"The IEBC has not purged the contempt it committed in regard to the orders of the Supreme Court".

The court ruling has been hailed at home and overseas.

Odinga also said all eight presidential candidates who took part in the earlier poll should be allowed to contest the re-run.


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