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Powerful Earthquake Shakes Mexico City

Powerful Earthquake Shakes Mexico City

"We get these size earthquakes fairly frequently", said USGS seismologist Zachary Reeves to the Los Angeles Times.

There haven't yet reports of any major damage or injuries from the quake, which the U.S. Geological Survey said brought "moderate shaking".

The quake occurred at 11:20 p.m. and was 6 miles deep, according to the U.S.

AN quake rocked Los Angeles last night with celebs reporting they felt a swaying motion seconds before it stopped.

Several viewers messaged 5 On Your Side to alert us that they felt the shake in our area.

Rescue workers rushed to the site of damaged or collapsed buildings in the capital, and reporters saw onlookers cheer as a woman was pulled from the rubble.

The event caused between three and four billion Dollars in damage as 412 buildings collapsed and another 3,124 were seriously damaged in the city. It was not immediately clear if there were casualties. At least one large parking structure collapsed.

The quake's center was determined to be east of Mexico City in the state of Puebla.

On Mexico City's main boulevard, thousands of people streamed out of buildings into the streets in a panic, filling the plaza around the Independence Monument with a mass of people.

In the Roma neighbourhood, which was struck hard by the 1985 quake, piles of stucco and brick fallen from building facades littered the streets.

A powerful natural disaster rocked Mexico City on Tuesday, according to the Associated Press. Its epicenter was in the state of Puebla, about 80 miles southeast of the capital, Mexico City. The 1985 Mexico City quake struck in the early morning of 19 September with a moment magnitude of 8.0 and a Mercalli intensity of IX (Violent).


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