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President Donald Trump today focuses his attention on tax reform

President Donald Trump today focuses his attention on tax reform

As we listen to all the political pundits, Washington DC elite and populist politicians bemoaning the commitment of President Trump to lower federal taxes and eliminate burdensome regulations, it is a good idea to review North Dakota's rise to the top.

When President Trump staged his first event to promote his tax reform proposal in Missouri last week, he attacked that state's Democratic senator, Claire McCaskill.

Heitkamp needs the latter group to win re-election in 2018, much more so than the former group, which is why she welcome President Trump to North Dakota with open arms last week.

Mrs. Heitkamp hasn't endorsed Mr. Trump's plan to rewrite the tax code and slash rates for business and individuals.

Speaking alongside relevant cabinet officials, Trump is expected to hold North Dakota's economy up as an example for America.

Trump will be touting his tax plan at the Andeavor oil refinery in Heitkamp's hometown of Mandan, just outside of Bismarck, the state capital.

Trump handedly won the state during the 2016 election.

According to a report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, when taking out various deductions and tax breaks for corporations, the U.S. ranked fourth among G-20 countries in effective corporate tax rates - what countries actually pay.

"I would love to see some lower corporate tax rates and a simplified plan for all Americans", Neset said.

But while Trump's White House is talking hopefully about bipartisanship, GOP leaders in Congress have made clear they're pursuing a go-it-alone strategy on taxes that has shut Democrats out of the negotiations. In his remarks there, Trump urged people to vote her out of office if she did not support lowering taxes. But her presence on stage showed an opening for rare bipartisan cooperation on a major policy initiative. The initiative is one previously alluded to in an April White House document that outlined the administration's vision for tax reform.

"Any time a president comes to North Dakota, it's a great opportunity to lay the groundwork for a better future for our businesses and our families", Heitkamp said in last week's statement. John Hoeven and Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer, weighing a bid to challenge Heitkamp.


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