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Tesla, AMD & the AI chip that could soon be controlling your auto

Tesla, AMD & the AI chip that could soon be controlling your auto

Yesterday it was revealed that AMD and Tesla are working in partnership on a new computer chip to power AI for self-driving cars.

It seems that the plans are already in full swing too.

Supposedly, Tesla has received back samples of the first implementation of the new processor, with the electric automaker now running various tests with the chips.

This deal is big for multiple reasons: Tesla now secures all of its GPUs from NVIDIA for self-driving cars, which I'm sure this deal will change that.

Of course, it's also possible that Tesla just wants to bring as much of its manufacturing processes in house to ensure that it has greater control over the manufacture and cost of its parts.

Tesla now uses NVIDIA chips for its limited self-driving functionality.

While Tesla now relies on tech firm Nvidia to supply processors for its cars, Engadget reports that the new AI chip is being built in-house with the help of computer processing giant AMD. Notably one of the Tesla employees collaborating with AMD is the "chip star" Jim Keller.

Shares of AMD and Tesla were marginally lower. For Tesla, this is the firs ttime they've opted for a objective built AI processor, which will be using both AMD and Tesla IP. As soon as we know, you will. Previously, it worked with Israel-based Mobileye, which was subsequently acquired by Intel. He joined Tesla early previous year and is now the head of Autopilot hardware.

While Tesla is still very much a bit-player in the global auto market, the company hits well above its weight in the public relations stakes - meaning that the deal could prove a boon for AMD even if the high-volume orders it would need to turn a profit never arrive.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said it has been a "tough slog" transitioning from the reliance on Mobileye's vision chips.


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