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Tiger spotted on I-75 in Atlanta shot in residential neighborhood

Tiger spotted on I-75 in Atlanta shot in residential neighborhood

Henry County police closed an interstate ramp searching for the tiger, 11Alive traffic reported.

A tiger got loose in northwest Georgia early Wednesday and was fatally shot by police officers when it jumped into a backyard, authorities said.

Speck told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she was inside the home when she heard Journey, who is a Dachshund, 'going insane in the backyard'.

It wasn't immediately clear where the tiger came from, Smith said.

The tiger was killed but Journey managed to escape the ordeal with no visible injuries.

Brittney Speck, whose dog was attacked by the Bengal tiger, told the Journal-Constitution that she woke up to high beams and other lights flashed on by officers.

It's unknown where the tiger came from.

The city zoo and local wildlife sanctuaries have confirmed the tiger was not one of theirs. "I'm thankful my kids weren't out there and it happened when it did, because it could have been a lot worse", Speck said.

"Noah's Ark was contacted to assist in capturing the tiger and we were in contact with officers on the scene multiple times during the time it took us to gather our gear and drive to the location of the incident", said Allison Hedgecoth, animal husbandry manager for Noah's Ark, in an email.

Authorities are trying to find the owner of a tiger who was shot dead by police after it wandered into a Georgia neighborhood and attacked a dog.

All of Noah's Ark's tigers are accounted for.

The police then shot and killed the tiger due to it being close to a school, said the Henry County Police Department in a statement on Facebook.

The tiger was a female and its body was later cremated, said Gerri Yoder, director of the Henry County Animal Care and Control Department.

All tigers are acounted for at the nearby Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, staff said Wednesday.


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