Harvest Moon 2017: What Is It? When Is It?

Harvest Moon 2017: What Is It? When Is It?

In addition to appearing an orangish hue as it first rises, the harvest moon tends to bring a succession of brighter nights, as fuller moons rise nearly immediately after the sun sets in the Northern Hemisphere.

Usually it occurs before the equinox in September, but it rose later this year.

In some traditions, farmers see this as a sign that their crops are ready to be harvested. Sometimes, they did this by the light of the moon.

The qualities of the harvest moon - the full moon that rises closest to the autumn equinox - include it appearing full, large and orange for several days around its appearance, which was Thursday.

Last year's harvest moon was a supermoon, as the moon was especially close to Earth.

The full Moon, observable to anyone in the northern hemisphere, was clearly visible across much of the United Kingdom thanks to largely clear skies.

2018's Harvest Moon is supposed to happen in September as well.

The Harvest Moon fell in September previous year. The moon gets its name because it rises shortly after sunset.

Of course, if you have a decent 'scope or pair of binoculars, it will make the moon look even more impressive.

When it gets up into the centre of the sky, it will be shining a brilliant white.


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