Iraq Plans to Take Control of the Autonomous Kurdistan's Boundary

Iraq Plans to Take Control of the Autonomous Kurdistan's Boundary

Iraq plans to take control of the borders of its autonomous Kurdistan region "in coordination" with Iran and Turkey, the Iraqi Defence Ministry said on Friday.

As of Friday evening, Baghdad's suspension of all global flights to and from the Erbil worldwide Airport will go into effect. These aspirations, ultimately, can not be advanced through unilateral measures such as this referendum.

The United States on Friday said it "does not recognise" the Iraqi-Kurdish referendum on independence, calling on all parties to reject the use of force and engage in dialogue.

On Friday evening, all worldwide flights to and from Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports were suspended by the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority (ICAA).

But the chief of Erbil International Airport, Talar Faeq, told Kurdish media group Rudaw that the ban would not affect military aircraft flying into the region.

Baghdad has threatened a comprehensive flight ban if the Kurds do not hand over control of their airports to federal authorities by then.

On Wednesday, Kurdish officials said 2.8 million people living in the three provinces that form the Kurdistan Region, as well as "areas of Kurdistan outside the region's administration", had voted in favour of independence.

Today, Abadi explained Baghdad's wish to better control all of Iraq's oil revenues.

"Sit still! You are at the helm in northern Iraq, you have money, wealth and everything, you have oil", Erdogan said. Turkey had started its military maneuvers in southeastern Silopi region on September 18, a week ahead of the referendum.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has denied Turkey's accusation that the regime was involved in a recent controversial secession referendum in Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdistan region.

The State Department said it was "deeply disappointed" the vote had gone ahead.

The Reuters news agency reports that at least two European carriers, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines, will be cancelling flights to Irbil this weekend.

Turkey, Iran and Syria - neighboring countries that also have substantial Kurdish populations - have like Baghdad come out against Kurdish independence, adding a regional dimension to the dispute.

Already, low-priced carrier FlyDubai says it is halting flights from Saturday.

The referendum has been deemed illegal by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in addition to Turkey and Iran who have also opposed the move.

Turkey has repeatedly threatened to impose economic sanction, effectively cutting their main access to worldwide markets, and has held joint military exercises with Iraqi troops on the border.


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