NH woman concerned about family in rural parts of Puerto Rico

NH woman concerned about family in rural parts of Puerto Rico

Blasting Cruz's "poor leadership", Trump suggested San Juan's municipal government had failed to help its people through Maria's aftermath.

Carmen Yulín Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, spoke on Friday afternoon at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum.

On Friday, President Donald Trump promised that the USA government would continue providing assistance to the victims of the hurricanes #Irma and #Maria in #Puerto Rico, CNN reported. Cruz said she was willing to meet with the president and show him the "passion for life" of the Puerto Rican people.

The President stirred things up with a series of tweets Saturday from his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, where he is spending the weekend.

Major U.S. labor unions are organizing truck drivers to help with relief efforts in Puerto Rico as the island continues to grapple with the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria last week. "I am begging, begging anyone that can hear us, to save us from dying".

His tweets came on the same day that some senior administration officials offered a vigorous defense of the federal response in Puerto Rico at a pair of White House briefings, even as they acknowledged the long road ahead. Planes have been flying to Puerto Rico, but only to drop off equipment.

The acting USA homeland security secretary is praising the resilience of Puerto Ricans and says daunting work lies ahead to help recover from hurricane devastation.

The mayor of Puerto Rico's capital San Juan has hit back at the Trump administration's description of hurricane relief efforts as a "good news" story, calling it "a "people are dying" story" as millions wait for aid.

"I am not going to be distracted by small comments, by politics, by petty issues", she said.

Trump said the federal government will work with Puerto Rico to figure out how to fund the rebuilding effort and "what we will do with the tremendous amount of existing debt already on the island".

The Teamsters union and the AFL-CIO, a federation of more than 50 unions, are working together to recruit truckers to travel to Puerto Rico and help distribute a stockpile of relief supplies.

Puerto Ricans have defended Cruz.

Mr Trump will visit Puerto Rico on Tuesday. "I can tell you this: We have done an incredible job considering there's absolutely nothing to work with".

President Donald Trump is defending his response to Puerto Rico's hurricane destruction and says "big decisions" are coming on the cost of rebuilding the island.

In another tweet, he blamed "Fake News CNN and NBC" for going out of their way "to disparage our great First responders". He said 11 regional staging areas have been receiving food and water across the island and that telecommunication has been restored in several key municipalities, including San Juan.


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