Tensions Arising on How UK Should Exit EU

Tensions Arising on How UK Should Exit EU

He also said speculation about his leadership intentions had been "massively" overdone.

But Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson took a swipe at Mr Johnson last night as she called for "serious people" to take charge of Brexit.

In an interview with the Times she said the complexity of the Brexit talks 'is not something you can just skip over'.

The mood swung against Mr Johnson, with prominent party figures taking swipes at his leadership ambitions and accusing him of destabilising the party when it remained vulnerable after its election disappointment.

Asked about his Brexit essay and upbeat message, she said: 'This needs serious people to do a lot of legwork and scanning the detail to make sure we do get to a place where it will all be okay'.

Britain's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson laid down four demands Saturday in what his second controversial Brexit intervention within days. "Ain't no stopping us now!"

Her focus on the youth vote comes after younger people voted overwhelmingly for the opposition Labour Party in June's general election.

In the speech in Florence on Sept 22 May outlined a transition period of around two years of trading on the same terms, but no payments for single market access.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, he insisted Brexit will allow the United Kingdom to "be the greatest country on earth" and "our destiny will be in our own hands".

'What that teaches me is that really is it. Rien ne va plus. There can be no monkeying around.

He said: "What I want from the Brexit talks, and what Boris Johnson wants from the Brexit talks, indeed what all of us around the Cabinet table want, is the best possible deal for Britain that secures our future outside the European Union and keeps a close relationship with our current European partners". Some 5 percent want her to step down as leader immediately, 8 percent want her gone next year, 38 percent after Brexit in 2019 and 13 percent just before the next election, according to the poll.

His latest intervention will revive fears in No 10 that Mr Johnson may storm out of the Government and position himself as a "Brexit martyr".

In addition to a two-year maximum transition, he said the United Kingdom should not accept new EU or European Court of Justice rulings during transition, must not make payments for single market access when the transition ends, and should not agree to shadow EU regulations to gain access.

"What I have always said is that we will pay for things that are reasonable, scientific programmes".

'But we know that the cost of higher education is a worry, which is why we are pledging to help students with an immediate freeze in maximum fee levels and by increasing the amount graduates can earn before they start paying their fees back, amounting to a saving of £360 a year, while the Government looks again at the question of funding and student finance.

This week Mrs May came out in defence of free markets in the wake of Labour's tub-thumping calls for renationalisation, and if she is to regain the political initiative then she must spell out a clear vision for Britain that ordinary people can relate to.


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